Bitless Bridles

Celtic designs or personalisation can be incorporated into any of these bridles on request. See also the 'Colours' page.

Bit Free Bridle

These bitless bridles and riding headcollars can use the cross-pull or side-pull method, or be converted to a bitted bridle. Please see the posts below for details on their use and fitting and feel free to email me with any questions.

These bridles are all hand-made to order by myself using quality English leather and stainless steel or brass buckles and fittings, in standard pony/cob/full sizes or made-to measure. The headpiece has a cut-out design on the poll for added comfort around the ears. The noseband is padded with neoprene for comfort on the nose.

The cross-straps are made from beta biothane (a synthetic leather) as these stand up better than leather to the friction caused as they run through the rings on the noseband. These come in many colours!

The rings on the noseband allow this bridle to be used with cross-straps as a cross-pull, or with a throatlash as a side-pull. Addition of a set of cheek pieces means the bridle can be converted to a conventional bitted bridle if desired. Plain (no pattern) or standard pattern stitching included on bitless bridle nosebands. More extensive decoration also available.
comfort headpiece
Oval noseband
Chunky noseband (this bridle is bitted, but chunky noseband can be made for bitless bridle)

Reins sold separately.

bitless cross-pull.
Holly, my own horse,

Soul's studded face-drop bridle converted to bitless.