black/blue downcut noseband
florentine heart browband
black/yellow oval noseband
shamrock detail on elasticated breastplate
black plait on brown belt
hand-painted Celtic horses browband
brown/blue oval bitless noseband
hand=painted Celtic knot browband
5-point breastplate with crystal rivets
willow leaf design on raised noseband
personalised padded headpiece
Padded elevated headpiece
Holly's willow leaf bitless bridle (brown/brown stitching)
Red supergrip reins
Clincher link breastplate
5-point breastplate with brass clinchers
Full face baroque bridle and breastplate
Celtic buckle belt
Gadget's chunky noseband padded bridle
padded willow leaf bitless (yellow/brown stitching on black)
brown/steel baroque bridle. crown buckles
Hunt cavesson bridle
Soul's bitless baroque bridle with facedrop
moon and stars browband
black with white padded noseband
Baroque facedrop bridle
tan figure 8 bridle and martingale bitless
Orion concho browband

Hand-painted Celtic hound browband

moon and stars browband

Hand-painted Celtic raven browband

Three stud shamrock concho browband

Hand-painting a browband
Kell's dragon concho browband