Heidi Witt - Tiny Art and Mini Sheep

Heidi beautiful and intricate paintings on tiny canvases, boxes and magnets make and ideal gift, whether for a loved one or for yourself. 

She also make adorable needle felted sheep (and dogs!) from natural wool carded from Jacob sheep. Each one is unique.

Felted sheep  €7.50
Felted dog €14.50

Little wooden box, hand-painted
Dingle Harbour scene

Oval box - Cottage scene

Oval boxes - Sheep and Fuchsia  €17
Round box - Fuchsia €11

Cube box - dog and sheep   €28

Tiny canvas paintings
Two sheep   €15
Cottage Scene  €19

Tiny canvas   Dingle Harbour scene  €17

Canvas magnets
'Dunmore Head' and 'Cottage' Scenes   €12
'Beehives' and 'Sheep'  €9

Sheep Magnets
Fluffy sheep €9.50
Curly sheep €12.50