Ken Bolger - Ogham Slate and Copper Art

Ken works with Valentia Slate using traditional methods of hand modelling and sculpting to form the shape, and then carves in the Ogham inscription.

Ogham Slates   each slate has a card attached explaining a little about Ogham writing, it's history and how to read it. 

Inscriptions read either   'Grá' (Love)    'Sláinte' (Health)     'Fáilte' (Welcome)    or   'Sonas' (Happiness)

Small   (10" - 13")   €30

Large (14" - 18")  €38

Ogham necklaces   -   €12

The Celtic Tree Calendar associates a different tree, each with it's own Ogham symbol, with different times of the year. The Tree associated with a persons birthday therefore gives them their Birth Ogham. Each necklace comes mounted on a card explaining a little about the calendar and what each Ogham signifies in terms of a persons characteristics.

Copper Art uses a unique technique of acid oxidation to patina the copper, depicting warriors of old, or island scenes from around the peninsula. Mounted and framed in various sizes.

Small Copper Pieces - framed 10 1/4" square  (26 cm)        €95

Two warriors on copper  €95

Brendan's Boat on copper  €95

Five warriors on aluminium  €95

Six warriors on aluminium  €95

Medium Copper Piece  -  25" x 13"  (64cm x 34cm)

Medium Copper - Sleeping Giant   €325

Medium Aluminium - Warriors   €325

Large Copper Piece   -   47" x 18"   (120cm x 46cm)

Large Copper  -  Sleeping Giant    €1250

Large Copper - Warriors   €900