Local Artists

We also sell work created by other local artists and crafts people, including:

'All About Ogham' - Ogham stones and slate by Ken Bolger    

'It Must Be Dingle' - artwork, oils and prints by Martine Moriarty

'Saor Adhmaid' - fairy doors and woodwork by Maunza Heidtke

'Caora agua Uan' - knitted animals by Pia Theiltoft

'Stolen Knight' by Martine Moriarty
'Slainte' Ogham inscribed slate by Ken Bolger
Fairy Doors by Maunza Heidtke

Caora agus Uan by Pia Theiltoft
'Beal Ban Races' by Martine Moriarty
Birth Ogham Stone pendants by Ken Bolger